Veronika Galkina
Veronika Galkina

9. Permission

When you have young kids with you, you suddenly have permission to do whatever you need to do to survive the day. Out at a store and your kid needs a snack? Grab some string cheese, a box of crackers, or a granola bar. Just go for it and eat it before you pay. There’s an unspoken understanding between you and store clerks everywhere. Your kid needs to eat, and you will pay later. Trust me; it’s better for everyone this way.

10. Check out those muscles

When you spend your entire day lifting (kids, double strollers, car seats, groceries, toys, etc), squatting (picking up toys and little people) and practicing endurance exercises (baby wearing, long stroller walks, frantic cleaning, meal planning, cooking, baths for two), you will become one incredibly strong woman. So go ahead and admire those muscles, you earned them!

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