When I became a new parent of twins, I had a lot of expectations of how my life would be. I imagined chasing two kids around in two different directions at the same time (which by the way, turned out to be exactly what I do!). What I didn’t expect, however, was the many bonuses and unexpected perks of having two little ones hanging out with me all the time. So, to all you new and expecting parents out there, here are a few cool things that nobody warned me about:

1. Ride sharing

Surprise! Your solo car riding days are over. You suddenly have an extra body (or two) in your car, which means something awesome: you get to use the carpool lane. Wave goodbye to all those suckers sitting in traffic on the highway.

2. Crazy talk

You can talk to yourself in public all day long, and you still won’t look like a crazy person. You can wander around the grocery store mumbling to yourself, “Where’s the cheese? Did they move the cheese? We need paper towels and batteries.” As long as you have a kid or two in the shopping cart, no one will give you a second look. So go ahead and recite that grocery list out loud and talk yourself through your errands. You have a free pass with the crazy talk.

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