You can’t do it all, and even if you can, that doesn’t mean you should! Give yourself a break or you’ll burn yourself out…

In the last 30 years or so, since the sexual revolution and the dawn of the equal rights movement, womenâ??s roles have been undergoing a drastic change. 

More and more women have broken through the glass ceiling, taking ever increasing roles in the corporate world while still juggling family and personal responsibilities. The notion of being superwoman has taken hold and it is a cycle many women canâ??t seem to break.

Technology has made it easier to take on too much

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As our lives have become more inundated by technology, the ability to juggle multiple responsibilities at once has been streamlined. Now a woman can hold her entire schedule in one hand, flipping through her virtual rolodex, setting up appointments, solving household problems, all on the fly.

But just because it is easier to do, doesnâ??t mean you should be doing it.

Trying to be all things to all people takes a considerable toll on you, both physically and emotionally. Simply put, the more you try to do the less of yourself you are actually able to give because your energy reserves just canâ??t handle it.

Stress can cause your body to break down and, with it, your emotions can spiral out of control.

The effects of stress are not just mental

Doctors have proven the effect stress can have on the human body. Everything from disrupting your sleep schedule to short-circuiting your nervous system to increasing fatigue can result from having an overload of stress in your daily life. Your body can only take so much and when your body falters, your mind does too.

Lack of proper nutrition and sleep can leave you feeling run down and disorientated. This, in turn, can make you feel emotionally uneasy. Bursts of anger, fits of crying, feelings of anxiety can all begin to creep up until you feel like you just canâ??t handle what life is throwing at you anymore.  Itâ??s a vicious circle and only you have to power to step up and make it stop.

Take a step back and reconsider your priorities

There is no need to feel like you have to do it all. Instead, take a step back, breathe deeply and consider what you really need to do. Keep your priorities straight and try to focus on what is really important. That may mean having to let a few things slide and if that enables you to function better, then isnâ??t it worth it?

We all like to think that weâ??re invincible, but the truth is weâ??re not. Weâ??re human and that means we occasionally need to stop and recharge our batteries.

Those electronic devices that run our lives may not slow down, but that doesnâ??t mean we shouldnâ??t. Unplug for a few hours every day and reconnect with the people in your life who really matter. That will mean much more than getting one more item checked off your to-do list.

Yes, women are strong and capable and can handle anything life throws at them, but that doesnâ??t mean we have to handle it all at once.  Stop trying to be superwoman and settle for just being a super woman, one whoâ??s in touch with herself and taking care of her basic needs, and everyone in your life will reap the rewards!

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