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Will you be one of them?  Is your cell phone or data SIM Card RICA’ed? Check before Thursday night or else!

The deadline for registering all SIM cards is June 30 (Thursday). Those not registered wll be automatically locked and you will not be able to use them. 

3,6 million unregistered SIM cards

Telecommunications guru Arthur Goldstuck estimates there are about 3,6 million unregistered SIM cards, but that many of these are secondary cards that may be unused and not critical to communication.

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Still, he says, “the bad news is that even one or two million people being cut off will result in a flood of complaints, bad news stories of the impact of the cut-off, and a public relations storm for the networks. 

“Donâ??t try their call centres for the next week or two …” he suggests. Cell phone provider call centres are likely to be engulfed by a tsunami of queries and complaints. Rather sort out the problem before Friday! 

All SIM Cards?

Yes, ALL SIM cards need to be registered in terms of RICA including Data, Contract and Prepaid. All subscribers who do not comply with the Act will be placed in a RICA lock status.

How do I RICA my SIM card(s)?

Take your SIM card to a nearby branch of your cell phone provider. Also take your ID book PLUS (this is important) proof of your address. A recent phone bill, or electricity bill, furniture store bill or TV Licence will do. Alternatively you need to swear and and sign an affadavit.

Unlocking, once it is locked

The Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication (RICA) requires that all customers that had a SIM card activated prior to 31 July 2009, register their SIM cards by 30 June 2011. SIM cards activated after that date (including 8ta) should have been automatically registered at that time. But it may be best to check.

Your locked status will last for 6 months. You can still register your SIM card after Thursday and it will be unlocked as soon as you do, but it will remain locked until you do. After six months, however, your SIM card will be permanently deactivated.

How can I find out if my SIM card is already registered? Click here

How can I find out if my SIM card is already registered? 


Click here and them enter your cell phone number in the box. You will get your answer immediately.


Visit your local MTN store – they should be able to tell you immediately

For Vodacom

Visit your local Vodacom store


You can send @vodacom111 a Tweet on Twitter


By phoning 111 on a Vodacom phone

OR send an SMS with the word â??RICAâ?? to 31050. This does not work for non-Vodacom subscribers

For Cell C

Dial 140 from a Cell C number or 084 140 from any other number


Go to a Cell C store and ask one of the consultants

Virgin Mobile

Dial *124#. You will receive an SMS containing your RICA status.