The latest craze in the fashion industry is â??Fashion Bloggingâ?.  It involves regularly updating a blog (whether personal or business) with pics, videos or comments on general fashion titbits, ranging from personal style to news and the latest product ranges. 
Fashion devotees, whether well-known or obscure have all latched on to this tidal wave of â??must-know-nowâ? commentary and itâ??s fast becoming the go-to media-type for all things new and hip.
But letâ??s start at the beginning: what exactly is a blog? 

A blog is a type of website maintained by an individual or small group of people featuring regular entries of commentary, events, graphics, pics, videos.  Itâ??s easily and quickly updated â?? and costs next to nothing (other than the internet connection and the electricity used to fire up your PC).  It can be accessed from anywhere in the world 24/7.
If you want to jump on the fashion blogging bandwagon, then here are some of my favourite blogs:

• Scott Schuman is the man behind this website â?? he is the master of street style photography and has featured in magazines like Vogue, Esquire and Elle.  For a look at the latest international fashion worn by regular people â?? this is a must-see.

• This is a website created around celebs overseas.  Theyâ??ll show you what our fav celebrities are wearing and the latest trends from the red carpet. 

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• : If crafting is your thing, then this blog is for you.  They provide step-by-step guides on how to make your own interesting accessories and clothes.  Great activities for the kids too.

•    Planning a wedding?  Then head over to two of my favourite blogs: and  They provide visual inspiration for anyone planning a wedding or bachelorette party.  Also try for a recent brideâ??s blog â?? documenting every step of her wedding â??planning process.

•    Into interiors?  Then it doesnâ??t get better than and

•    This is cheating I know, but PIPPA LYNCH also has a blog:  I update it with everything from fashion to interiors and DIY fashion. 
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Thereâ??s no reason why you need to be a passive blogger

Get involved in the craze and start your own blog: whether itâ??s to update friends and family overseas (no need to send file after file of family photos â?? just update your blog), to document your wedding planning, to add another vehicle to your companyâ??s marketing strategy, or simply to show other people what it is that youâ??re in to.   Blogspot and WordPress are your best options.
Itâ??s a wonderful way to keep in touch with whatâ??s happening around you.  Inspiration abounds to get cracking!