With all the diet and weight loss advice available online, from friends, and through the ‘weight loss industry’, it’s no wonder we get stuck in a state of information overload …

One year eggs are bad, the next, they’re a celebrated breakfast food. One year, carbs are the answer to all diet problems, the next, they’re banned completely.

So, what’s the truth? What are the scientific facts?

Here are 6 myths about weight loss to set yourself free from TODAY:

1. A calorie is a calorie is a calorie

There are those who will say that all calories are created equal.

For example, that the carbs in a banana are the same as those in a chocolate bar (this argument used to be to justify eating the chocolate, but is now used to stop you eating either).

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I think on some level we all know this to be false. A good way to test it is to eat four bananas per day and see how you feel and then eat four chocolate bars per day and see if your body reacts differently. I think you know how that test will go.

Isolated milkshakes

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