Strange celebrity eating habits

Celebrities are just like us, normal people living their lives and doing their jobs … but are they really? To what extremes do these people go to achieve the perfect body, and is it really worth it?

We look at celebrities through envious eyes, and wonder how they maintain their perfect bodies. Many  of them practise weird eating habits – either as part of a routine or in an attempt to lose or maintain their weight.

Some of these diets sound insane, with the chances of them actually working being slim to none. Strangely enough though, the results speak for themselves.


She goes on a diet of only air – yup, AIR. The concept of it is to prepare the food, hold it up to your mouth – but it stops there, you are not actually allowed to eat it. Unless you have serious budget restraints, this diet isn’t for you, as you end up eating nothing except water and salty soup.

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