An international adventure is often limited to European escapes or American exploration. But All4Women travel writer, Daniela Panzeri is more interested in fast cars, faster water rides and being surrounded by sand dunes …

Dubai has carved out a reputation of luxurious five-, even seven-star living. Everything in Dubai is bigger and better and any wondrous creation found across the world can be replicated in this oasis.

Then there is Abu Dhabi, the more mysterious sibling.

For many, Abu Dhabi is the gateway en route to one’s final destination, but in what might be considered its winter months (November to March) the warm, yet bearable humid climate demands that you stay awhile.

Located 25 minutes from downtown Abu Dhabi, and seven minutes from the international airport is Yas Island – home to all the experiences thrill seekers could possibly ask for.

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The challenge was set to find the top 10 unique experiences that would benchmark Abu Dhabi as an ultimate travel destination. Yas Island quickly dominated as the “Island of Awesome”.

1.     Crowne jewels

Picking the right hotel to some might seem a waste. The argument is always to spend more time exploring as opposed to sleeping, but after a lengthy commute, sometimes a little bit of comfort goes a long way in getting the journey started off perfectly.

Tip: Opt for a Club Room at the Crowne Plaza, Yas Island which offers a complimentary afternoon tea and happy hour – with intricate desserts and tasty tacos!