We all love a good bargain. But do you ever have that gnawing feeling that you might be getting a bargain at someone elseâ??s expense? Sometimes it might be worth it to pay a little extra in the knowledge that you can be sure the supplier treats their employees ethically. So, as if we didnâ??t already have many reasons to love Woolworths, hereâ??s another…

All Woolworths suppliers, both local and international, are bound by the Supplier Code of Business Principles which requires conformance to the highest legal and ethical standards and environmental practices. Woolworthsâ?? business partners are also required to ensure that this code is applied in respect of subcontracting or secondary supplier arrangements and compliance with the code is monitored through a formal auditing process.

Child and Forced Labour 

The code covers the following:

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  • child labour;

  • forced labour;

  • health and safety;

  • wages, hours of work and entitlements;

  • discrimination;

  • freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining;

  • harsh or cruel treatment; and

  • environment.

Woolworths believes their sourcing strategies are to be fundamentally in line with the Fair-tradeâ?¢ principles.