Mixtapes used to be the epitome of love. CFME allows one to share mixtapes and mixtape memories…

A mixtape used to be the epitome of love. A choice of songs taped on a cassette, carefully selected for a loved one. The mixtape conveyed your deepest feelings and expression. It also said a lot about how you viewed the loved one. But not all relationships last forever. So many have had to make the hard decision to ditch the mixtape or keep. Will the mixtape bring back too many painful memories? Is the mixtape too indispensable to your music collection to throw away. Will your new love be upset if they find out you still listen to an ex’s mixtape? So many factors to consider.

If you have an old mixtape, there’s a website just for you… Casette from my Ex (www.cassettefrommyex.com). This novel website allows you to share your mixtape with the world. The accompanying stories even feature the “cover art” for the mixtapes!

Take a voyeuristic look into other people’s mixtapes and the stories of romance that accompany them. You might even discover some new music to love!

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