The challenges of a working mom

Being a working mom with a full time job is definitely no picnic. Rushing from one place to the other, sometimes trying to be in several places at once – it’s just plain exhausting.

Most working moms feel a certain amount of guilt for not being able to be as involved in their children’s lives as some of the stay-at-home moms. Rest assured, there are millions of others out there, just like you.

Does working full time make you a horrible mom? Does it make it worse if you actually enjoy your job? The simple answer is NO.

Every mom has their set of priorities, and for all of us, the number one priority is our children. Just because you feel like you won’t be winning any mom-of-the-year awards in the near future, does not mean that you aren’t the best mom that your children could ever wish for!

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Yet we all face the same challenges listed below:

The rush

We all know the feeling, snoozing that alarm clock to get that extra bit of sleep, (from being overtired the day before) rushing to get the kids ready for school, with the result of being late for work. The evil cycle that happens week in and week out – and you keep promising yourself to get up earlier, which results in you just feeling worse.

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