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Sugar is a drug worse than cocaine

Now, I’m not going to try to convince you that sugar is GOOD for you. I’m not going to tell you that eating lots of sugar is OK. I’m not going to tell you that sugar DOESN’T make you fatter. But I am going to tell you that sugar is not poisonous, a drug, or the sole reason that you’re overweight.

Today’s topic: Sugar is a DRUG WORSE THAN COCAINE!

This is shock-factor like you’ve never seen it before.

Telling people who don’t know better that sugar should be an illegal drug is (in my opinion) TOTALLY unethical and is a shock tactic based on a tiny grain of truth (that sugar can become addictive) designed to make people feel weak and hopeless in order to get them to buy your book, take your course or eat your sugar-free biscuits.

The funny thing is, this is actually laughable for a number of reasons

Firstly, if sugar really was worse than cocaine don’t you think it would be outlawed and regulated by at least ONE government in the world? And second, have you ever met anyone who has murdered people for a sugar fix, or eaten themselves into homelessness, or had to go to the loony bin?

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Sugar may be addictive, and it may be harmful to your health, but it isn’t a DANGEROUS narcotic because if you’re a ‘sugar addict’ the only life you’ll destroy is your own and it’ll happen slowly over a long period of time.

NO! Sugar should not be illegal

It is not a drug. It is not worse than cocaine.

It is an unnecessary, refined, processed plant-based foodstuff which should be eaten in extremely small quantities if you wish to enjoy optimum health. And if you can’t control yourself don’t eat any at all.

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