One of the most difficult colours to wear correctly on the eyes, red makeup is set to be a hot trend for the next six months.

Find the right red

The best way to determine what shade of red will complement you is to determine what your undertone/skin tone is. Most skin tones that are deeper will tend to gravitate towards blue-based reds while fairer skin tone should opt for reds that have an orange-base.

Wearing red eyeshadow

Start off by preparing the lid with a primer, this will help the colour stay and appear more vibrant. Apply a soft beige or copper shade over your entire lid. Then slowly work the red eyeshadow from the middle of your eye to the outer third. This will showcase the red while preventing the look from being too garish.

Finishing off the look

Soften the look by blending well and then following up with mascara. Line your eyes with a burgundy, brown or black liner to complete the look.

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Let your eyes be the focal point.

With a strong eye, the rest of your makeup should be more subtle. Opt for bronzer instead of blush and a nude lip. A red lip can also set off a red eye but keep that for night time.