According to the Sunday World, Shivambu, in his personal capacity, has released a statement via the EFF media e-mail list, to confirm that a DNA test he insisted Jo’burg model Bonolo Digrecia Morake undergo has shown that he is the father of her child

“In October 2015‚ we underwent a paternity test and the results have confirmed that the child is fathered by me‚” he reportedly wrote in the statement.

Sunday World in July reported that Morake said her relationship with Shivambu ended because he “is stupid and lacks respect, leads a fake life” and “lied about breaking up with his ex-fiancée”.

At the time, she approached the Randburg Maintenance Court to request that Shivambu be ordered to pay R2 000 maintenance a month.

In the recent statement, the EFF member explains that he requested the paternity test “because the information of the birth of the child was brought to my attention more than three years after the child was born” and because “the existence of the child was brought to my attention through a publicity-seeking stunt”.

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“As I said on many occasions before‚ I will take full responsibility in raising the child and will provide for the child’s upbringing so that he grows to be a responsible adult‚” the statement continues.

“I will provide for the child’s educational‚ health and other basic needs required for the child’s upbringing.

“I currently do so with my daughter and other children and adults‚ who are not my children or even relatives.”

Author: Team Talk