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A year ago I saw the posts of other moms regarding World Adoption day and I had sorrow in my heart because I was childless. This year I can reflect on how much has changed.

A gift, rather than a right

I have learned on a deep level how much our children do not ‘belong’ to us. We are only mentors and guides in their own journey through life. Their future may very well be out of our reach and we are privileged to share their story. Maybe the fact that I do not own his birth story makes me aware that my son is not mine – he is a child of God and through grace, I am allowed to call him mine. Is that not true for all parents, however? Fertility is a sensitive topic and many people struggle with this burden. Too often we see having children as a right rather than a gift, no matter how our children become part of our family.

We do not pretend that the process of adoption is simple. You are vulnerable to the core and there is a lot of work involved. It is, however, a process that is worthwhile because of the fruits it brings.

Part of a real-life miracle

It was almost a year ago that my life changed forever. Another woman, my soul sister if you like, allowed me to assume a title which I will spend my life becoming worthy of – ‘Mommy’! I will never receive a greater gift than my son, and I am humbled that I am now part of a club of special women chosen to be the guardians of the future. It is a privilege to do so, and to be one of the ‘adoptive moms’.world adoption day_one

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My life, although full and enriched with the love of the most amazing man and fur kids, was not complete yet. My son has filled our hearts and lives to overflowing with love and joy.

We have been able to be a part of a real-life miracle. A story of pain and turmoil and hopelessness was changed. We are amazed that as a triangle of baby, biological mom and adoptive parents, we have experienced sorrow being changed into joy, and mourning into dancing. We will spend our lives dancing and experiencing the wonder of watching this little boy become the kind of man who will be able, in turn, to do his part in being the change in the world that fights the darkness. Light always wins. We encourage others to step into the light which is adoption, and experience the transformative power of the process along with us.

This year, miraculously, I can finally join so many other adoptive families and say: “Happy World Adoption Day, everyone”!