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We’ve all heard about the ways bad light can harm skin, but the new ways good light can help are less known.

That’s right: good light can help cure skin of persistent acne in a safe, non-chemical treatment using a special, safe narrow range of ultraviolet light. Light therapy as a beauty treatment is a reality!
Ultraviolet light can be safe when properly used in the correct wavelengths

The narrow band used for acne treatment is considered safe for limited and controlled exposure and it is tested as performing better on acne than the commonly used benzoyl peroxide medications that have been at the forefront of over-the-counter medications forever.
How does UV used in light therapy as a beauty treatment work?

The special wavelengths trigger a metabolic shift in the living skin, causing it to give off oxygen…more oxygen than acne bacteria can survive.  Shining the light on acne-infected skin in a deep penetrating treatment can kill off over 99% more bacteria than standard treatments. 

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This natural antiseptic, born of light and your own skin’s protective systems, can change your life forever.
There is something so right about light therapy as a beauty treatment

We all know that sunshine is a mixed blessing, clearing the skin but also aging it. Light therapy gives the benefits without having to fear the damage.

A simple, hand-held device used in your own home can allow you to shine the light on the problems that haunt you: blemishes that never completely leave, but instead spread, slowly and sullenly across your skin. 
By changing the way you attack the problem you can change the outcome.  Cleaning your skin is vital. So is moisture and proper protection from raw, uncontrolled broadband UV. But none of those allows you the versatility to choose what works best and leave the rest aside.

Light therapy: benefits of sun without the damage
Now you can clean your skin and add the extra antiseptic benefits sunshine always brought…without the slamming damage that also came with UV exposure.  Every pore, every cell safer from bacteria, and your skin an unblemished, smooth surface, soft and supple to the touch, clear and undamaged to the eye.

Look into light therapy as a beauty treatment today: ask your local beauty salon for more details.

You can vastly improve your appearance safely and naturally, and see long-lasting results.