Last updated on Nov 4th, 2015 at 02:22 pm

Carboxytherapy treatment consists of the simple infiltration of carbon dioxide â?? a byproduct of our own physiology that stimulates a tremendous healing response. Once absorbed, it’s work is done and it’s breathed out…..

Why is carboxytherapy wonderful news?

From a medical point of view:

There is now a treatment with the potential to save the fingers and toes of patients with poor circulation due to diabetes, and smoking – something that previously had the delay of amputation as the best outcome

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Can you imagine having an open, oozing ulcer for nine years, and the impact it will have on every aspect of your life? This treatment has healed a nine year ulcer for a patient within three weeks â?? resulting in a whole new life for the patient.

Other conditions where carboxotherapy has been effective:


Diabetic feet

Gangrenous toes, and artherosclerosis obliterans â?? where little blood vessels are destroyed causing the loss of tissues and often fingers and toes â?? never before has there even been hope for these conditions

Carboxytherapy has been applied in a wide variety of fields, such as:

Acute arthritis and sports medicine

Erectile dysfunction                     


Alopecia (hair loss, or male pattern baldness)

Raynauds syndrome â?? hands that have vascular spasm causing redness, then pallor and pain

The conditions that cause or are caused by circulation compromise, are the conditions that can be treated with this modality due to the revascularization and improvements in micro circulation caused by this therapy.

Also a great cosmetic treatment

It gives centimetre reduction with the destruction of fatty deposits and firming of skin for body contouring, with no recovery time needed

Difficult-to-reach areas are now easily targeted (under the chin, under the arms, around knees and elbows)

Dark circles are improved and facial skin is revitalized

Cellulite is smoothed and the result can last for years after the treatments are done

Amazing results achieved on stretch marks, especially after pregnancy and the treatment is not contraindicated while you are breastfeeding.

Carboxytherapy side effects

Carboxytherapy has minimal side effects  – possible small bruises around injection sites, and tenderness of the treated area for an hour or two.


Sessions usually cost around R500 per 15 minutes.

This treatment is destined to take the world by storm â?? watch the media for treatment possibilities close to you.  Soon to be part of what Clinic Reju offers you.