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A few decades ago, and now and again on Extreme Makeove kind of productions, we saw chemical peels that caused a raw, oozing result that required a women to be indoors for two weeks. Fortunately that is no longer the case.

Chemical peels give you a glowing complexion

At Reju we do many ‘peels’ also termed Resurfacing Treatments, and I must say that the job is not done if you have sought anti-aging treatments or have had either Botox or Fillers done. The reason being that while both of these give a specific result â?? as discussed in a previous article, neither can address the health of the skin on the surface that either gives you a healthy glowing complexion or a dull and tired one.

It is a myth that chemical peels “thin” the skin

There is also the mistaken idea that peels ‘thin’ the skin. While the older types (phenol, TCA, and synthetic glycolic peels) did cause the sloughing off and visible ‘peeling’ and do strip the skin down onto the dermis, the current cosmeceutical product houses give us products that only work very gently.
When a vitamin based (like ascorbic acid, otherwise known as Vitamin C) peel is used,  only the superficial dead surface layers are loosened while nourishing the underlying living cells.
The immediate result is a slightly flushed but smoother skin. The redness is similar to that achieved by a good gym session and is due to the dilation of capillaries and stimulation. This also brings oxygen and nutrition to the skin. The redness dissipate over the next hour or two. The treatment is often describes as pleasant, and even though it is by rights a procedure, it regularly replaces the monthly ‘facial’ as it is a powerful anti-aging tool.
For the period following a treatment, sunscreen application is essential, but your normal routine is followed and makeup is applied as usual.

Results of chemical peels

The results that can be expected from a series of peels include:

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Overall improvement in tissue firmness, evening out of pigmentation and skin tone, deeep exfoliation, collagen sythesis, rejeneration and rejuvenation.

Chemical peels can even be used as a treatment for inflammatory skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and is a wonderful help in getting acne under control. We also use it in combination with Botox, Fillers and Radio Frequency skin tightening or IPL as this combination can take years off your appearance at a fraction of the cost of a surgical face lift.
Speak to your doctor or aesthetic practitioner about these wonderful no-downtime and instant effect treatments that also do not leave a hole in your pocket.