As October is “Breast Cancer Awareness month” and with the latest summer trends showing off the silhouette, here are some tips on wearing the correct bra for both your figure and your clothes:

Wearing beautiful underwear can make you feel incredibly sexy, and take up to 5kgs off your silhouette

Underwear is the foundation of creating a well balanced silhouette. It enhances the clothes on top.I am passionate about wearing the correct underwear as you can achieve instant gratification, it can take up to 5kg’s/10 years off a silhouette immediately, therefore it minimizes the hours required to spend in the gym and maximizes the amount of delicious guilt free foods you can eat………..

Ensure that you have your bra measurements taken yearly as your bust size may change

According to leading underwear retailer, Triumph, 70% of all women are wearing the wrong size bra.

Some hot tips to guide you on if your bra fits correctly:

Shoulder straps should sit snugly on your shoulders without sliding off or leaving marks on them.

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The bra wires should lie flat against your body and should fully cover your breasts.

If the wires are ending short, your bra is too small.

The band should fit snugly around your ribcage.

If your breasts fall below the elbow level, your bra is not giving you enough support.

Wrinkling of the fabric on the cups, you cup size (e.g. A, B, C, D, etc) is to big.

If your bra rides up your back, the bra band (e.g. 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 etc) is too big…..

The back straps should fit comfortably just below your shoulder blades.

Advice for large-busted women

If you have a large bust with a small back size relative to the cup size e.g. 32E, I recommend altering the bra band so that your bra fits you correctly over the bust and at the back.

It really does pay to invest in good quality underwear especially if you have a large bust. I recommed you go to a professional bra fitter to source the perfect bra.(Visit

A guideline when dressing: opt for low round or v-neck lines to slim/minimize the bust.

Advice for small-busted women

When it comes to cleavage: Wonderbra’s are a stunning invention for small busted ladies. Double sided tape is part of my magic tool box that also does the trick when it comes to creating awesome cleavage!

A guideline when dressing: the higher the neckline the larger the bust will look.

A hot tip from Bobbi Brown (the internationally famous make up artist):

“The Safety- Pin Trick” – One of my favourites is the ‘safety-pin trick’ because it gives an instantly slimming effect.

Here’s how to do it: pull your bra straps together at the back and safety pin them together. This simple adjustment will lift your bust and make you look like you’ve dropped about five pounds”.

My local GP, taught me this trick: in the morning when you put your bra on, bend over and let your bust fill the cups properly (excellent for the bust from a health perspective and gives you a really comfy good fit).

Underwear fit is as important at the back as it is in the front

If you have a podgy back (where you have love handles coming out on either side of your straps) you need a wide bra strap that will give you support and reduce the flesh-digging on either side.

I love seam free underwear (Woolies stock a variety of seam free garments) including the dreaded ‘Bridget Jones’s undies’ that nip, tuck, in all the right places and you can still have a conversation – it doesn’t stop your circulation! They are great for under clingy dresses, tops & t-shirts.

Invest in several ‘nude/skin tone’ underwear pieces, they will always hold you in good stead and are very versatile. Edgars stock Sloggi a stunning range of underwear.

Underwear fashion trends – ‘Underwear becomes Outerwear’

When it comes to the Romance trend – ‘Romance in ruffles’, many of the floral and print styles are in sheer or semi-sheer fabrics for Summer. This play with fantasy sheers and transparent fabrics means that underwear styles, will in many instances become outerwear. Ruffles feature strongly (tiered ruffles, on shoulders, blouse necklines) to draw the eye to the neckline so it’s key that you wear the correct underwear especially if the fabric is sheer.

Finally – Celebrate your assetts

Love who you are – ‘What I know for sure’ (as Oprah Winfrey says) is that now is the time to celebrate your ‘assets’. So often we want what we don’t have. Small busted ladies want a larger bust and vice versa. Take time out to be grateful for the bust you have.

I honour the ladies that are on the breast cancer journey, who have the courage to alter their bust for this reason.

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