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What do laser treatments do?

An Laser or IPL treatment gives the skin a controlled burn which facilitates the removal of the outer layers of skin which harbour the wrinkles and sun damage, scarring, pigmentation and broken capillaries. When correct fluences and settings are used for an individual skin there is definite improvement, even though very deep wrinkles cannot be removed this way.

Collagen synthesis is stimulated (the needed healing response is illicited) which improves and re-elasticizes the skin for up to 18 months following treatment. There is minimal downtime and very few side effects as long as the particular skin type is taken into consideration when treating.

Who are laser treatments for?

Caucasian skin types and light Asian complexions, to treat pigmentation, sun spots, broken capillaries, signs of aging,  freckles, décolletage and fine lines.

Pre treatment steps

Morning of the treatment : Wash the face with a cleanser (we use the RegimA Derma Deep Cleanser; do not apply moisturizer. Do not wear contact lenses or jewellery. If you are prone to cold sores, take an antiviral two days before your treatment.

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What happens during laser treatment?

IPL feels like a hot slap or an elastic band. It does not require sedation or anaesthetic. The laser does have a bright light that is visible even when the eyes are closed.

Post treatment care for your skin

For two to five days, wash the face with water only and apply Laser gel as often as required. The skin will feel warm and may have raised areas, or may feel like a sunburn, pigmentation sometimes does fragment and come to the surface as a fine scab. The laser gel will accelerate it’s resolution.

Stay out of the sun for at least two weeks, and apply a sun protection factor of at least 30 for the next month. (We use the RegimA Daily Survival Cream with UVA and UVB protection.) The application of the vitamin C preparation before the sunblock also gives additional protection and free radical scavenging.

For the most part though, you do not need time off and makeup can successfully cover any darkened capillaries, pigmentation or raised areas â?? these usually disappear after 3 days.

Laser treatment requires no time off work

At day five to seven, a vitamin C product should be applied ( which may tingle) â?? we use the RegimA C innovation Pigment Perfector or the Is Clinical Serum C.

After two weeks an alpha-hydroxy acid can be applied at night to accelerate exfoliation.

What not to use after laser treatment

Please do not apply Vasoline or other petroleum byproducts to the skin as they contain benzoates which are carcinogens and should never be considered for application after laser, peel or dermabrasion, or after any burn for that matter. (It should of course never be applied to a babyâ??s skin).