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Eye Majic proves to be a breakthrough for the cosmetic industry

Australian couple Rocky and Grace Mammone combined their creative energies to develop an eye make-up solution. In 1996 Eye Majic was launched and has since been rated as â??the worldâ??s quickest and easiest eye shadow to apply,â?? featuring on the Oprah Winfrey Show as one of the top 8 Big Ideaâ??s for 2007.

An easy to use applicator allows you to apply multi-tonal eye shadow and blend the colours in a matter of seconds. The result is eye make-up that looks like it was done by a pro. By doing away with chunky pots and brushes, application is immediately made simpler with a soft applicator pad.

Add to this a range of 12 pre-combined, complementary colours for you to blend and Iâ??d have to agree that Eye Majic makes good on the concept of convenience.

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Away with tedious and messy application

I sampled the product, putting Eye Majic through the paces of user functionality, durability, quality and product benefits.

The difficulty with conventional eye shadow is applying an appropriate amount of shadow using the correct technique. With Eye Majic this is automatically done away with as the shades are already combined for your benefit and there really is only two ways to use the applicator strip; one being eye shadow application and the other for blending the colours.

I particularly appreciated the spongy foam strips which aided gentle, delicate application and seemed to be an improvement on the brush method in this sense. Also useful was that the reverse side of the strip makes for a perfect blending tool and could be used for concealing â??smudgesâ?? without ruining the desired effect.

Balanced shades in pearly and shimmer tones

Because each eye shadow is pre-matched with a corresponding colour, you wonâ??t need to endlessly pore over colour combinations or harmonize different shades. Shades are combined in earthy, pearly and shimmer tones and are available in a palette of 12 colours.

Whilst I wasnâ??t too sure about matching some of the more vibrant, daring combinations like the blue-pink and green-orange highlights, the range is varied enough to find a combo more suited to your look. A fan of sultry, feminine blends, the charcoal-silver highlight and lavender hues appealed to me the most with its combinations of grey, muted purple and pearlised white creating a glamorous and elegant effect.

To achieve colour-intensity and a more dramatic result, you might need to apply 2-3 shades of the same colour but on the basis of durability, Eye Majic scores full marks; one application lasted me an entire day and didnâ??t crease either, so marketers are right about not needing touch ups! 

An affordable must-have in your make up bag

My verdict is that the eye make-up is genuinely easy to use and convenient to apply. Achieving a professional, cosmetician-applied result is possible as the shadow comprises equal application and balanced colour for both eyes.

Although the shadow comes in nifty compact cases for your purse or handbag, the packaging could use a make-over to look trendier but this doesnâ??t reflect on the functionality of the shadow. It would be great to see the introduction of more shades, perhaps a separate range suited to evening and daytime tones.

That aside, at R37.50 for a box of two shadows, Eye Majic is an affordable must-have in your make up bag for those on the go, make up emergencies or to enhance your appearance.

Visit Eye Majic for more information.

Prakashinee Ramsamy is the winner of Eye Majic instant shadow in 12 applications. Congratulations!

Eye Majic is the worldâ??s quickest and easiest new eye shadow.