Last updated on Nov 4th, 2015 at 02:24 pm

Petroleum Jelly is great to get you looking catwalk polished when you have limited time to get ready. A slick to mositurise your lips can be worn alone, or serve to prepare the lips before applying a lip colour. Give your lips a mini massage whilst you’re at it, this gets the circulation going, and seems to plump the lips up a bit.

Nude lip pencil is something you can always keep handy. Apply either to the outline of your lips and blend inwards with a little petroleum jelly, or fill in the whole lip with pencil and then coat with petroleum jelly. A nude lip pencil gives the impression you have naturally beautiful lips in a jiffy.

A little blush on the cheeks can make such a big difference, whilst still looking very natural. You can even use a little of your lip colour or eyeshadow on your cheeks if in a suitable colour. Apply a little petroleum jelly either by itself or with some colour to your cheeks. This creates an airbrushed skin look when the light catches the shine on the apples of your cheeks.

Calvin Klein used to make a product, similar to Mac’s Lipglass, but to be worn on the eyelids. It gave a varnish like sheen to the eyelids, giving that catwalk look. You can create a similar, very subtle effect with petroleum jelly on your eyelids. If you use Mac Lipglass on your eyelids, you are likely to stick to yourself the whole evening!

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Appply petroleum jelly to your eyebrows to teach them a bit of discipline, and give the hair a healthy shine. You can also extend it to the brow bone to create the illusion of highlighting, with a light colour eyeshadow or alone.

In all instances, you can even substitute a lip balm or gloss instead of petroleum jelly.