I am a tall woman – 183cm tall to be precise. To a limited degree, tallness in women is considered a desirable trait, but when you are six-foot (1,8 metres) or more tall, people begin to act like you’re a freak of nature.

This is clearly not desirable. I often look at petite, small women with envy: they are considered cute and feminine, whereas I am considered Amazonian.

As a tall woman, I can also never just melt into the crowd

I am always noticed, always looked at, always in sight. So sometimes it can be tiring when strangers feel the need to comment on my physical appearance, when I just want to be left alone.

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So, for the mental well-being of all the tall women out there, please avoid saying the following seven statements:

Wow! You’re so tall!

Really? Me? Tall? Never! I thought I was short! Come on people, surely you must know that I know I am unusually tall for a woman? How would you feel if I commented on your large beer boep, or your balding head? Perhaps I could comment on the fact that you have brown hair? Or blue eyes? I don’t need to point it out, because (and here’s the crux) you know already. Plus, maybe you are a bit self-conscious of your bulbous nose. Maybe pointing it out will embarrass you? I know that being tall is not a negative thing, but it is so tiring to hear it every day. And eventually, I do start feeling like I am a bit of a freak (as if I am the only tall woman to ever have existed).