Whenever we see them on the red carpet, most Hollywood stars look absolutely immaculate. Perfect smiles, not a hair out of place and dressed head-to-toe in designer clothes. Even though special events are just one or two days out of their day-to-day lives, it’s easy to assume that, with all the time and money celebs have on their hands, they’d be taking the best care of themselves – especially in the hygiene department.

Well, the reality is, while they’re richer than we can imagine, celebs are not above being gross, slobby humans

From refusing to wear deodorant, going days without a shower or not brushing their teeth, the celebrities we’ve featured today, have definitely ’caused a stink’. Let’s start the countdown …

Brad and Angelina (main pic)

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There are numerous stories floating around on the net about Brad and Angelina ‘living like tramps’. Their mansion is strewn with pizza boxes and discarded food and they reportedly let their six children run riot with “toothpaste wars” according to their disgruntled staff.

Brad is also described as a “hoarder”, keeping an overwhelming number of books and magazines at home. (Source: Bang Showbiz)

I think life in any house with six kids is going to be crazy and hard to keep looking clean. But, they do have the advantage of being able to hire loads of staff. I sit on the fence with this one.

Slob rating: 3/10