Last updated on Jan 21st, 2021 at 08:40 am

Summer is here! And, so are rainy afternoons that coop our toddlers up inside. Most tots love being outdoors, and being stuck inside can become very boring for them. So, I decided to research it, and came up with my favourite indoor activities for toddlers.

Good to know: Please make sure that there is an adult supervising your toddler during these activities. It’s not advisable to leave them alone.

My top 15 indoor activities for toddlers:

1. Fun with tape

Collect an assortment of colourful plastic tape, masking tape, double-sided tape, and so on. Cut long pieces of the tape and give them to your toddler. You will me amazed at what they try to do with it!

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2. Colouring-in

My toddler loves drawing with a pen and colouring in. This is a great activity to start teaching them the different colours.

3. Playdough


I loved this as a kid and I’m sure many of you did too! See a recipe for homemade playdough below:


4. Fun with flour

I do this all the time with my toddler. I give her some flour, jelly, rice and pasta or whatever I feel like in old plastic containers. I let her do whatever she wants with them. It’s messy, but keeps her occupied for a while.


5. Sponge play

Fill one bowl with water and add a few drops of food coloring to make it exciting.

Show your toddler how to place the sponge in the bowl of water, then transfer the water to the empty bowl by squeezing the sponge.


6. Bottles and lids

Give your toddler various sizes of bottles with lids (plastic) and let him/her try putting the lids back on the right bottle. Your toddler will have lots of fun matching lids to bottles, putting the lids on, taking the lids off, and starting all over again.

7. Jelly fun

I found this idea on babble and a YouTube mom did this. When setting jelly, add some plastic toys. Then give it to your toddler to have fun trying to take out the toys. You could even add marshmallows if you don’t mind him/her eating them!


8. Ripping magazines

If you want to recycle and get all those paper together, maybe your toddler can help. Give them an old magazine and let them rip it apart. It’s lots of fun for them.

9. Stacking cups

Let them stack and unstack a set of coloured plastic cups and put them in size or colour order.

ll6475_110. Shaker bottle

Put different coloured items in bottles and glue them closed. When your toddler shakes the bottle, they will see the different items and at the same time create sounds, rhythm, music.

11. Toddler paint

Let your toddler paint. You can use toilet roll holders, cotton wool, empty food boxes or potato to be creative.


 12. Hide and seek

It’s simple and they love it when they finally find you.

13.  Scooping pom-poms

Fill a large bowl with pom-poms, place your scoops and ice cube tray nearby and invite your toddler to play!


14. Play ball

Recently I started teaching my toddler how to kick and throw the ball. We use our tummy tub as a goal post.

15. Puzzles

I love teaching my toddler with puzzles and blocks.