The human diet is something which many would say has ‘evolved’ over a long time, however I’m not sure the evolution has been positive – and current medical and mortality trends provide pretty compelling proof that I’m right.

One of the reasons we’re seeing people live so sick, and die from such terrible diseases is that our diets are now made up primarily from animal proteins – something we were not made to eat in the first place.

Now, this is not an article to convince you to go vegan (I’m not one myself), but it is an appeal to you to apply your mind to the evidence which is freely available to you and make up your mind about how you should eat – and ultimately that you should eat FAR FEWER animal products than you do right now.

Here are five things to get your mind working:

1. Humans are herbivores

Although we eat an omnivorous diet, the human body has all the characteristics of a herbivore. We have an intestinal tract that is up to 13 times the length of our torso – a carnivore’s is only 2 times the length so that meat (which rots and ferments in the gut) can be expelled quicker.

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We have short, blunt teeth made for chewing and grinding, not sharp pointy teeth made for ripping (compare the relative size and shape of your canines to your cat’s).

We sweat through our pores, we don’t have claws, and we have bacteria in our mouths that break down CARBOHYDRATES, just like herbivores do.

Do you feel hunger when you see roadkill? If you were a carnivore you would…

5 Really good reasons to consider eating less animal products (5)_small