Date nights … “what’s that?” you may ask as you sit there breastfeeding your little one, changing a nappy or preparing yet another meal for the umpteenth time!

Can you remember the last time you and your partner had a meaningful conversation together? Just held hands and connected with each other? Really talked to each other? And no, fighting over whose turn it is to change the pooh nappy doesn’t count.

Your vague recollection of date nights spent going out, having fun together might seem like a long forgotten distant memory but your connection with each other doesn’t have to be.

Date nights are about making a conscious effort to spend time together. For one night every week, two weeks or whatever you can manage, it is a time which you make YOUR time to connect with each other, to really talk to each other, and to hopefully remember each other, the two people who fell in love and got to this point in life where you are now.

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Whether you don’t go out for date nights because it’s too expensive, your baby’s too young or you have no support system, you can still make meaningful time for the two of you as I give you just a few great date night ideas to try at home.

10 Date Night Ideas To Do At Home

1. Dance together!

We certainly don’t get much opportunity to go out dancing anymore so make it happen at home. Put on some awesome dancing music that you both enjoy and have fun!

2. Play board games

Switch the TV off and put all gadgets away. Light the fire (if it’s cold), pour some wine and bring out the board games. We recently played Scrabble which we have not played for years and it was a great way to connect and spend time together.

10 Date Night Ideas To Do At Home