Author: James Calmeyer, CEO Crabtree

1. Prepare for the switch: Goodbye triangle – hello hexagon

South Africa has steadily progressed to a new electrical plug and socket standard: SANS 164–2. Goodbye to the triangle and hello to the hexagon.

As the old standard gets phased out, why not future-proof your home now by purchasing sockets that accommodate both types of plugs? The good news is that the new standard is much safer – it is impossible to touch the pins when inserting (or removing) a plug as they are semi-insulated and recessed. This is not only a bonus for adults with fumbling fingers, but for parents with kiddies too.

Diamond LED2. Cause you’re my flashlight

Just got home from a busy day to find a house in the depths of load shedding? Hello darkness my old friend is not a refrain you need to hum any more.

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Just grab a mini torch from your closest premium plug socket. The torch is powered by a lithium-ion battery which will last for up to 8 hours – what’s more, when it’s plugged in it continually charges and lights up in the dark so will always be ready for action, helping you to dispel the gloom and find your way, the kids, supper and even the dog.

3. Charge it up

Can’t find the plug thingy for your phone’s USB cable so you can charge it? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to just stick it straight into a USB port in a fixed wall plug socket?

Well you can: manufacturers of quality switches and sockets are selling them at a hardware store near you right now! Why not have one in each room in the house? This way you will never be without your phone, iPad or tablet.USB 11971 001

Aesthetic and functional plug sockets are truly the latest innovation in house design – now you can even mix and match different plug points, colours and patterns; designing the ultimate combination to suit your needs.

Always be on the lookout for the SAFEhouse logo on the products you select. This way you’ll know that you’re dealing with the safest and highest quality goods on the market and won’t be at risk of any additional sparks – only those of creativity.