• Make sure the articles are spotlessly clean.  Check closely for any stains, which, if left, will become a feasting ground for hungry insects. Even if they don’t get to nibble, come next season those marks will be even harder to remove.
  • The right type of storage is important. Plastic is good, but make sure the bags and containers are well disinfected and cleaned so there will be no nunu larvae tucked away in corners. Cardboard boxes are OK, but see that they are clean, easy to seal and not too old. The most successful storage is suitcases.  They should be thoroughly clean, dry and able to close tightly. Remember to pack the heavier items first with the lighter ones on top.
  • Think twice before using mothballs. They are pretty effective at keeping out fish moths and other creepy crawlies, but they smell awful and can be lethal for pets and children, when ingested. If you can find any, cedar chips are the best.
  • Avoid hanging everything. Tempting as it may be to simply hang everything up on padded coat hangers and put in a wardrobe, this is not a good plot. Jerseys and other woollens stretch, lose their shapes and are exposed to all sorts of bacteria, dust and moist air. Anything you must hang for any length of time should be well covered.
  • Follow the four cardinal rules. Clean, cool, dark and dry.
  • Don’t forget them. Just because they have been carefully put away for a season does not mean that you shouldn’t check them regularly. Better safe than sorry.




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Source: Sarah Aguirre, Housekeeping Expert. About.com