• Scoop up all those little bits of wax crayons that you will find lying around the house, in the garden and even in the allocated place for them!

Make a suncatcher with your children …

  • Grate up all the little pieces, as many varied colours as possible
  • Spread them on a sheet of wax paper
  • Cover with another same-sized sheet of wax paper
  • Press with a hot iron and keep on until the crayons start to melt and blend in
  • Allow to cool and lo-and-behold, you will have a pretty suncatcher that you can attach to a window.


  • This is an important tip, especially if you have cats and are pregnant. Be very careful when cleaning out a cat’s litter tray. Cat faeces sometimes have parasites that can cause a horrible disease called toxoplasmosis.
  • Forget the sometimes held belief that cats will thrive on a vegetarian diet. This is simply not true. Cats need an enormous amount of protein.
  • Serving them only fish, like Lucky Pet, is not good either. There is insufficient calcium and certain amino acids plus vitamin E which can result in bone disease and inflammation of the fat tissue.


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Babies are expensive little treasures and we all know the irresistible temptation to buy all those super little toys and gewgaws that we see.

  • Babies are just as happy playing with a plastic screw top bottle containing some dried beans, as a rattle.
  • Keep all the yoghurt tubs for your baby to play with in the bath, once he/she is sitting up. They will love banging them, filling them with water and pouring them out again (I still think a yellow rubber duckie is obligatory though!).
  • Make foot rattles by firmly sewing a pair of budgie bells on the toes of a pair of socks.