There are some who BUY lunch every day, and those who have an office catering facility, but that can work out more expensive AND less healthy than making your own

So if you’re making your own lunch, what do you take with you? Sandwiches? A bag of crisps? Some sugar-coated dried fruit? An ‘energy bar’?

Unfortunately these are all pretty awful options if you’re concerned about your weight and health. [tweetthis]Your work lunch needs to be an extension of your diet[/tweetthis], not the one meal per day that you ignore because you JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT TO PACK.

Here are five options that will keep your weight loss on track, your credit card in the black, and your body feeling energised. They’re also quick and easy to prepare before the crazy morning rush.

1. Fruit

Fruit has received a bad rap lately because of all the ‘sugar-Nazis’ running around declaring that a banana and a chocolate bar are equally bad for you. Here’s an experiment to do… live on chocolate for two weeks, then switch to bananas and see if there’s a difference in how your body feels. I rest my case.

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Anyway, fruit is a BRILLIANT food to take with you for lunch because it’s easy to carry, and packs a serious energy and nutrient punch to power you through the day. Two apples and a banana is a pretty good place to start, but mix it up any way you like it.

You could make fruit salad too, if you have time to do the chopping.

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