Sunday nights used to give us a completely different offering in Mzansi; it would be Carte Blanche at 7pm followed by the 8pm movie on M-Net, but these days its all about the laughter on shows such as #OPW and Date My Family

As much as weddings are a romantic and stunning affair, OPW has introduced an element of light-heartedness to people’s special days.

It makes for great viewing because every week there seems to be something to laugh at, something to enjoy or at the very least, something to talk about. Twitterers, of course, will always have their say as soon as an episode of OPW airs.

Let’s take a look at the weddings that got Twitter talking this year:

A Scottish Wedding?

Yes, you read that right. The big news on this weekend’s episode of OPW was that Tumi Morake was back, but the rest of the talking points were about the choice of theme for this wedding.