Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has come under ‘social media fire’ for posting a picture of him and his son, together in the shower

It’s caused a massive freak out. Mainly because Perez is a single, gay man. Yes, that’s right – because he is gay, he should not shower with his young son. That’s what some are saying. No ways. I’m sorry, but I don’t see anything wrong with bathing/showering with your small children – no matter what.

Do people think that gay parents should love and raise their children differently to straight parents? There’s so much hatred in this world, so much violence against children – who gives you or anyone else the right to look down on love? Especially love that’s been bestowed on children? Just because the love is coming from a gay parent?

[tweetthis]Love is love and love always wins. #lovewins[/tweetthis]

Why turn something so innocent and natural into something sick and faulty? C’mon people. I’m no fan of this guy, but it looks like he’s doing a great, loving job of raising his two adorable children – a little boy named Mario and a little girl, Mia.

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Take a look for yourself. We’ll start with the picture that caused such a fuss…

Looks like a very happy pic to me