• Cockroaches absolutely do NOT like cucumber. Try putting a few slices around the spots where those beasties are inclined to appear.
  • Invest in some cheap red wine. Chateau de Cardboard will do. Put saucers with some wine under your kitchen and broom cupboard, or wherever. Conversely the roaches, alkies that they are, will drink and drown. I confess I haven’t tried this. The idea seems gruesome, but some swear that it works.  
  • Baking soda is poison to cockroaches and some other creepy crawlies. Equal parts mixed with icing sugar and sprinkled around the spots which you suspect are popular ports of call, will keep them at bay.


  • Let’s start with the obvious. Seal up any areas where you think they can get in. Steel wool is a useful hole plugger. Make sure you don’t have any trees or creepers that grow up against the eaves. Scuttling into roofs is a neat ratty trick and a perfect spot to have their babies.
  • Having a dog or cat is a good deterrent. We had a Jack Russell once that was a better ratter than our three cats put together!
  • Invest in an owl box, perhaps. Many people have succeeded in this venture and derived enormous pleasure from the experience. Lucky them. We must try again!
  • This next tip is a nice one! Soak cotton wool balls in peppermint oil and put them around suspicious spots. While is smells pleasant enough for us, it is revolting to rodents.


    • To make a natural repellent for mozzies, peel and puree a cucumber. Strain and put the juice into an ice tray.  Whenever you are heading for an area where you know they are bound to attack, take out a cube and rub on the exposed parts of your body.
    • Plant marigolds and/or basil as close to the house as you can. Mosquitoes will go next door.
  • Vicks VapoRub! Believe it or not, this works. It will also keep off gnats and flies too.

There are many other solutions that I have read and tried. If these don’t work for you, just go Googling! Happy Monday!

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