• A neuroscience study conducted at Princeton found that if you live in a messy unorganised home, you will suffer from extended stress and anxiety which can lead to exhaustion.
    • Keep blue painted walls to the bedroom where you want to have a sleep induced atmosphere. Leave them out from the rest of the house. Apparently the colour slows down your blood rate and could be too much for a busy household.
    • TVs make you sleepy as do tablets. They both send out blue wavelengths that reduce your energy levels.
    • Coffee is a stimulant and will increase your energy for a while, but, in actual fact, the effect wears off and can leave you feeling like a wet rag later.
    • Alcohol taken in excess at night will send you crashing off to sleep, only to wake you up later – and you can end up having a poor quality, restless night, leaving you wiped out the next day.
    • Lavender is wonderfully relaxing. Make sure, though, you don’t have too much of the scent pervading the house as it could be the reason why you are feeling dozy all day.
    • Your cellphone can be a severe hindrance during the day and carry on into the night. Constant interruption can lead to severe fatigue.
    • Drawn curtains.  It was proved in a survey that people who slept with the curtains open at night, generally slept an average of forty three minutes longer.





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