• Spices. These are so easy to neglect. If you store them away in a kitchen cupboard, you always have to scratch for the one you want – only to find it has gone rock hard. A mini lazy susan that is placed where you can easily see it is good, or find a spice rack big enough to display all you have. When you have a tiny kitchen and are really pressed for space, put them in shoeboxes that you can slide out. Label the tops of each one so you can see which is which at a glance.
  • Yeast. Extend the life of yeast by months by either freezing or refrigerating. Keep in ziploc bags and return to room temperature when needed. This should encourage you to buy in bulk which will work out more economical.
  • Tomatoes. There is no need to watch a large crop of tomatoes go off before you can use them. They freeze perfectly if kept in freezer bags. They are not that tasty in salads but are perfect for soups, sauces and pastas. Frozen tomatoes popped under the hot tap for a few seconds will shed the skin and the pulp will go soft.
  • Eggs. This is an SOS! Always keep eggs in their original carton, not in those convenient little dents on the fridge door. Eggs have a natural anti-bacteria coating and last longer when left in their original containers. Even grubby eggs from farmers’ markets should stay as they are until you want to use them.
  • Mushrooms. How often, when we come to needing some, have we found the mushrooms have gone slimy? Avoid this by always decanting your plastic clad fungi into paper bags and then refrigerate. They will stay fresh much longer.



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