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Finding the perfect gym buddy

Recently we looked into what the definition of ‘gym buddy’ actually means. Now that you know all that it entails, how are you supposed to find one? Do you look in your circle of friends, or do you befriend that woman in your yoga class in the hope that she’ll want to gym with you?

Gym buddies are all over

You could find a gym buddy along a running trail, at the gym, in group class, virtually anywhere and everywhere. The question, and probably most important part, is this: Who is the right fit for you? Looking into such advantages like accountability in sticking to a fitness routine, beating the boredom of exercising solo, and providing moral support when doubt creeps in, the decision for a gym buddy is one that needs to be made carefully.

Fitness goals matter

Everyone has different fitness levels and goals. Someone training to be a triathlete would need someone more hardcore than a gym buddy who runs two blocks once a week. Similarly, if you’re into a fitness routine that includes less competitive sports, then you’re probably going to blend well with someone who views Zumba as a great workout.

With that in mind, remember the key factors – accountability, beating boredom and moral support – and remember to assess your needs and the needs of your potential gym buddy. That way, you’ll enjoy a workout together and be mutually suited to each other – a win-win situation.

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