An affair is just one of those things where our female intuition tells us that “something is wrong”. We see the red lights flicker, but often we try to protect ourselves by pretending that we are “seeing things”.

We convince ourselves that we are “going mad!” and that our partners would never cheat on us. We believe that denial is better than acknowledging something is wrong.

When the affair eventually does come out, we are incredibly shocked and hurt, but when we look back at past behaviour, we see the warning signs all over the place.

I’ve put together some warning signs to look out for if you suspect your man might be having an affair. These are not “definite” proof that an affair is taking place, but they are a good indication that something is amiss.

7 Warning signs that your partner might be having an affair:

1.     He becomes emotionally distant

Most of my female patients say that their partner became very emotionally distant when he had an affair. He was physically present in the relationship, but did not connect emotionally, on an intimate level with her.

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People cannot be invested emotionally in their relationship if they have formed an intimate relationship with someone else. Talks become superficial – vague chit-chat about the kids or work. The person having an affair will not invest time and energy into talking about dreams and goals. They won’t ask you how you’re doing, or encourage you to share your feelings.

They feel guilty about cheating, and won’t share their own feelings either. They will not say “I love you”, or tell you how important you are to them.

(Fotalia: #69148160)
(Fotalia: #69148160)