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Here are some useful rules to follow when measuring blood pressure, so that you are more likely to get an accurate reading.

  1. Try your best not to move during the procedure.
  2. Study the manual so that you know how to use the blood pressure apparatus properly, before starting to use it.
  3. Avoid talking during the measurement process.
  4. Do not measure your blood pressure while you have a strong urge to urinate – rather use the bathroom first.
  5. Always measure your blood pressure at the same time of day.
  6. Avoid consuming coffee or smoking cigarettes for an hour before measuring your blood pressure.
  7. Sit in a relaxed position when measuring your blood pressure – ideally you should only measure it after having a two- to three-minute relaxation period.
  8. When using a wrist device, ensure that you hold the cuff as high as your heart whilst measuring.
  9. You should also rest for a few minutes between readings, as this allows your veins to relax.
  10. Do not forget to keep a record of your reading in a diary.

It is important to measure your blood pressure regularly, even after it has improved. Always consult your doctor if you are experiencing difficulty with taking your own blood pressure or need more advice on how to bring it to a normal range.

Source: Brochure on Blood Pressure by Hartmann

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