By Susan Bowerman, MS, RD, CSSD and consultant for Herbalife

How to look great in 6 weeks

A crash diet might make you slightly less self-conscious in shorts, but if you really want to make some headway before swimsuit season, the time to start is now!

My summer shape-up plans were derailed when I pulled a muscle in my ribcage a few days ago.  It hurts like crazy and I’m told it could take weeks to heal. Bench presses and sit-ups are out of the question… as would be – except for the fact that they’re unavoidable – breathing, sneezing and rolling over in my sleep. Actually, let me correct that last one. Right now, it’s less of a roll, and more of a three-point turn. So, it looks like I’ll be doing more lower body exercises for the next few weeks.

However, assuming you haven’t hurt yourself like I did, you have a good six weeks before summer starts, which is plenty of time to work on your beach body from head to toe.  And to see some real results.

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