Chances are you’re reading this because you saw the title and thought, “What the huh?” But if you found this through a Google search for “losing hair during pregnancy,” “pregnancy baldness” or “major big time volumising shampoo” because you’re watching your parting get wider every day, welcome! I am here to tell you you are not alone.

Ever since losing my hair during my pregnancy two years ago, I’ve thought of many things I wanted to write about:

  1. The struggle NOT to let my appearance dictate my worth as a person
  2. The guilt of feeling traumatised when there are so many worse things women deal with during pregnancy and more challenging reasons for people losing their hair
  3. The pros and cons of the glamorous lady version of that infomercial bald-spot spray

I realised, however, that what I really wanted to do, was write the thing I so desperately wanted to find when I was losing my hair. I wanted to read about someone else going through it and emerging on the other side.

In my comb, in the shower, on my pillow – I was losing hair everywhere

Towards the end of my second trimester, I started experiencing an extremely itchy scalp. I would slather coconut oil and even hydrocortisone on it, but the itching was relentless. Just as that was subsiding, my hairstylist discovered a coin-sized bald patch on the back of my head. I had already noticed that I had more hair in my comb than usual, and somehow seeing this patch made me feel better about it – as if all that hair coming out was from this one spot and now it was over. I even showed it off at a friend’s party the next day. But the hair just kept coming out. In my comb, in the shower, stuck between my bra strap and my back, on my pillow, and on pretty much every surface in our home.

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You can see the volume difference in my extremely chic messy bun from one week to the next.