While the intention is good (most people is South Africa do eat too much meat), what usually happens is that the wrong things get substituted for meat on Mondays.

Instead of having meat, most folks will have extra pasta, bread or biscuits. While this TECHNICALLY means you’re doing ‘Meat-Free Monday’ correctly, it’s debatable whether you’re benefitting from it.

So, to help you out, here are our five favourite healthy, tasty, weight-loss-friendly, ‘Meat-Free Monday’ recipes:

1. Black bean burgers

Make a fast-food favourite without meat or any of the other additives and chemicals found in store-bought patties.

If you’re sensitive to wheat, you can replace the bread crumbs with oats. Remember that you don’t have to have the burger patty on a bun either. You can put it on top of a black mushroom or have it just as it is.

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