Woman checking telephone of her sleeping man
Woman checking telephone of her sleeping man

13. The suspicious type

Are you treating your man like a criminal, quick to assume your man is cheating or doing wrong? Do you snoop through his stuff, and put him on the spot for no reason? Does your tone suggest you don’t trust him? It hurts a man when his woman doesn’t believe him.

14. The lost soul

Do you lose yourself in the relationship/marriage, and have no drive, or vision of your own? Are you escorting your man through life but have nothing to live for on your own?

Find yourself now! Your man doesn’t want an escort or a rubber stamp: he wants an equal partner.

15. The perfect lover but pathetic friend

You are good at doing things lovers do. You say romantic things, go out on dates, kiss, but you two are not true friends. You are not free to be yourself with him: you would rather share your challenges and issues with another person. Work on being not only lovers, be the best of friends.

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16. The warmonger

Are you defensive, confrontational, and constantly looking for a fight? Simmer down. Your man wants to be loved, not attacked.