calm9. The childish girl-woman

It’s wonderful to be fun and silly at times. But look at your man’s reaction to tell whether there are things you do that he finds too childish.

10. The suicidal threat maker

Are you manipulative, daring that you will do something life threatening so that you arm-twist your man? This is the quickest way to make your man want as little as possible to do with you. You have serious issues: deal with them.

11. The irrational type

Do you rush into making regrettable decisions? Is your tongue loose and speaking words that you haven’t thought through? Do you do things that you will not be proud of? Do you keep changing your mind, making you look unstable?

A man who loves you will love you despite this weakness. But work on being an emotionally stable woman who is patient and thinks things through. This will help you in love and in life.

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12. The over-thinker

Do you worry too much? Are you not at peace because of over-thinking? When your husband is making love to you, do your many thoughts keep you from enjoying your husband? When enjoying quality time with your man, does your mind wander going all over the place?

Learn to relax: over-thinking robs you of the beauty of precious real-time moments.