woman nagging and overwhelming her boyfriend
woman nagging and overwhelming her boyfriend

5. Ms Pushy

Are you living in tomorrow? Forcing your man to go to the next step when today is fresh. Are you the type to meet a new man and already be pushing for love, then as soon as you start dating you push him to propose, then you quickly want marriage? Lady relax, you will miss out on the steady and sure growth of love because of your haste. Love is a process – not a race.

6. The touchy type

Are you the type who loves to touch, to hold hands, to constantly have your hand on your man? If your man doesn’t understand you, he might find your touchiness too much. Hopefully the man you choose loves to be touched a lot.

7. The victim

Are you the lady who loves to get attention by dwelling on your problems, so that your man feels sorry for you? Do you find comfort in presenting yourself as the victim and how unfair the world is to you? Lady, this self-pity to gain attention is not healthy. You can’t do this for long without your man feeling drained. Work on yourself.

8. The bossy type

Do you give orders and commands, never listen to your man, and it always has to be your way? Lady, tame yourself: your man reads this as you having no respect for him and his decisions.

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