Let’s hope too many of these don’t apply to you…

1. The complainer

Are you constantly whining and discontent? Do you make it so hard for your man to please you? Relax and reassess: you will never be happy in life if you pay more attention to what you lack than what you have.

2. The jealous type

Are you insecure, unsettled when your man works with, or even talks to, female friends?

Relax: your man is a good man and that’s why you chose him. He is your man. No other woman will take your place. Be secure as his queen.

3. The mother substitute

Are you treating your man like a boy? Telling him what to do, how to do it, and when to do it? Do you correct him as if you are disciplining a child? Do you touch him like a man or handle him like a boy? Lady, men love to be treated like grown men. Be a mother to your child, but treat your man like a capable adult.

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4. The needy type

Are you too dependent and clingy? Do you choke your man with you demands, demanding that he talk to you every 10 minutes despite knowing he is genuinely busy? Do you suffocate your man in need of abnormal attention?

Warning: don’t push him to the edge.