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12. Socialisation

NEED: People (of all ages) to interact with throughout the day. Siblings are great. Grandparents are a blessing. Occasional play dates.

DON’T NEED: Daily play dates. Constant time with peers. Sleepovers.

And, your preschooler also needs…

  • Discipline: Lots of it now will pay off later.
  • Routine: Preschoolers feel secure with routine. Some consistent scheduling is good for them.
  • To learn how to care for others: They love caring for others! Give them the opportunities.
  • Plenty of books: Never too many. Libraries are a great resource.
  • Fresh air and exercise: The solution for many a fussing preschooler.
  • Hugs and cuddles.
  • Unconditional love: Communicated and demonstrated.
  • Grace: They’ll never be perfect, and neither will we.

Would you share about your preschooler in the comments? What do you think is your preschooler’s hardest need to fill?

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Enjoy those little guys. They won’t be little forever!

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