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8. Yes and no (‘no’ can be hard…)

NEED: Plenty of both. Most importantly: To be taught to accept a ‘no’ with a content heart. (Or, at least without throwing a tantrum!)

DON’T NEED: All of one or the other.

9. Choices

NEED: To be offered some choices, every day.
(like what to wear…if you’re brave.)

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DON’T NEED: Choices about everything. Side note to parents: “Choose your battles, but be sure to win the battle you choose.”

10. Entertainment

NEED: Age-appropriate entertainment. Access to basic busy work – like paper and crayons, books and simple toys. Most important: To learn to entertain themselves.

DON’T NEED: To be entertained constantly. A full schedule. Too many organised activities. Fancy toys. Also: iPods, iPads, Xboxes or other devices. (I’m not saying they’re wrong, but they are not a ‘need’.)

11. Instruction

NEED: To be taught age-appropriate skills, lessons and good manners. How to manage emotions. An introduction to letters and numbers.

: Lectures, sermons, long explanations or anything requiring more than a few seconds of attention.