Why chicken is king

While ostrich and duck may be other healthy poultry options for the weight-conscious, chickens have a distinct advantage in that we eat more than just their flesh – we eat their eggs regularly too.

Chicken meat is a MUST HAVE food if you are a non-vegetarian on a diet.


It’s high in protein, low in fat and reasonably cheap compared to other animal flesh proteins. Plus you can do a variety of things with it. Braai it, grill it, roast it, pan-fry it (not deep fry!), add it to casseroles and stews, make soup from it… the list goes on.

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This all adds up to chicken meat being one of, if not THE best meat to keep in your freezer.

What about the hormones?

If possible, try to find a good alternative source of chicken meat in your city. If you don’t want to buy the pricey ‘organic’ meat on the grocery shelves, see if there are any local farmers who do door-to-door deliveries in your city. You could also shop at local farmers’ markets, or visit a specialist butcher in your area.

But wait, there’s more…

We get another brilliant source of protein from chickens! Eggs!

An egg has around 6g of protein, lots of fat and costs about R1.50. You will struggle to find another source of clean, quality animal protein at that price – especially one that tastes so good.

A couple of eggs – the WHOLE egg, not just the white – per day goes a long way to helping you meet your protein requirement AND they supply some vital nutrients too.

So there you have it.

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