Illuminati celebrities – pure conspiracy or truth in the rumours? 

So, in case you’ve been sleeping for the last decade, the rumours about certain celebrities being part of the Illuminati just won’t go away.

Even Celine Dion (my favourite famous person of all time) has been lumped into the mix of stars who are supposedly on a new world order mission.

Is it all a case of people having too much time on their hands? A mass army of Internet trolls who have nothing better to do than come up with reasons why we should believe that the world is being controlled by an elite evil team of musicians, politicians, businessmen and actors?

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I sit on the fence with this whole thing. On one had I definitely don’t see someone as wonderful, kind and loving as Celine could be a member of some weird cult. I simply cannot wrap my head around that.

On the other hand, I watch the music videos and concerts of some of the biggest names in the industry and it’s hard not to notice splashes of evil thrown into the mix. I am not just talking about the hand gestures/signs that all the Illuminati fanatics go on about (yes, I have noticed these), but even the song lyrics, the seemingly nonchalant use of pentagrams, goat heads etc on stage – say what you will, but all that definitely leans toward the more satanic side of things.


What is the Illuminati?

Illuminati enthusiasts believe that it is a modern-day secret society (with old roots) made of up powerful and elite individuals who conspire to control the world – politics, government, religion and entertainment. Their goal? A ‘new world order’.

Take a look through our gallery of celebs who are rumoured to be part of the Illuminati.